About Netalkar Group

Leadership team is the epicenter around which the entire orgnization revolves. Formulating the right team with a good mix of traits is essential. We are proud to put together one such team which not only possesses the right traits with has the right attitude too.

Leadership Team

Satish Netalkar

  Founder & Managing Partner

Believing in the best and constant pursuit to achieving itis what defines Satish Digambar Netalkar. He joined the business in 1979 and founded Netalkar Power Transmission in the year 1991, with the desire to achieve nothing but perfection in product, quality, process and management. He is the Partner & Promoter of Netalkar Power Transmission. His experience in this field has set new standards in the field of cutting-edge, hi-quality precision and world-class manufacturing. A man, very subtly known as a ‘Crankshaft Genius’.

He has introduced to the group automation in every sense possible, right from machinery to measuring equipment, from reducing manual dependency to quality management systems and from traditional business practices to a sustainable corporate-functioning business model.

His continuous endeavor of changing with time for the betterment has defined a path for Netalkar Power Transmission. He has always welcomed creativity, innovation and new ideas with passion and zeal.

Customer delight for him has always been on top most priority.

Arati Netalkar

  Managing Executive

A progressive thinker and a pillar of support, she constantly aims at growth, both horizontally and vertically. Arati Satish Netalkar is the Managing Executive of Netalkar Power Transmission since 2011. She also heads Netalkar Power Transmission - Plant 1.

She brings on board, a new perspective to way forward. She is an enthusiast who lives the core values of Netalkar to the ‘T’. Her progressive approach and inquisitive mind to fulfill it makes her truly one of its kind.

Soniya Netalkar

  Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer

Strong and dynamic, is what defines Soniya Netalkar. Nothing seems tough with a combination of Heart and Mind.

Soniya is the Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer of Netalkar Power Transmission. She joined business in the year 2010. A Computer Science Engineer and a Master of Business in International Business and Marketing from Auckland, New Zealand.

She has guided the group on a strategy driven, methodical and Generation-Y inspired approach. Constant drive towards looking at new business verticals is her passion. Hard negotiations, solid business development & planning and strong operations & management skills have carved a unique identity for her. Her hands-on technical skills give her an edge over the rest in the industry.

Her motto in life: “Value Creation is the essence of life”

Pooja Netalkar

  Chief Operating Officer

Perseverance and determination at its best, she is very ambitious and works towards her goals with a clear vision and path to fulfill it.

Pooja Satish Netalkar is the Chief Operating Officer of Netalkar Power Transmission. She joined the business in the year 2014. A Mechanical Engineer and a Master of Business in Global Business from London, UK.

Pooja is a great combination of dedication and hard work. The strong will to achieve anything she desires, compliments the value system of the company.

Her goal in life is to “Make our Organisation a Conglomerate”.

Aditya Netalkar

  Partner Production & Planning Engineer

The enthusiastic and committed, Aditya Satish Netalkar is the Partner at Netalkar Power Transmission since April of 2018. He joined NPT in the year 2016 as an Engineering Trainee and is now the Production and Planning Engineer to gain in-depth knowledge of our core activity. He constantly aims towards bridging the gap between process and automation.

A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Aditya is extremely enthusiastic about new age technology. His flare for innovation and the commitment to implement it to suit the company’s needs, compliments his father, Mr. Satish Netalkar’s philosophy. Aditya believes in mitigating business risks in order to be a sustainable entity and also to leverage upon new and upcoming trends in the industry.

His goal in life: “To have presence in all business sectors in order to create Wealth and Jobs for the Nation”.